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CERTIFICATE OF ORDINATION CREDENTIAL APPLICATION The Evangelical Free Church of America 901 E. 78th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55420 (952) 853-8459 credentialing efca.org DATE: NAME: DATE: HOME ADDRESS:
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Hello this is chuck wood and this video is for those of you who have expressed some interest in participating in the gcn ordination program you probably have also already received a packet if you attended our information meeting on june six but i wanted to take this time to do a quick video instructions and reminder that your application package is due by july third so i thought i would go ahead and do a quick video so let's let's go ahead and get started and i'm going to walk through this fairly quickly but hopefully this will help you in your process of putting your application together and getting that turned in by july third okay let's say let's go to the next video now you should also already have this information in your packet but i want to make sure that we kind of go over it again just so you'll be reminded of what needs to be done one your application must be legible type applications are preferred and i have made sure that word doc versions of the applications are available if you want to type that information in second complete each section thoroughly answering questions with as much detail as possible failure to complete any section will delay or invalidate your application if your application is incomplete it will be returned to you next number 30 all forms can be downloaded at WWDC and USA org you can choose the ordination program and from the links at the or or from the links at the top of the homepage I will walk through a quick video to show you how to access those links number for the completed application packet must include the program application two letters of recommendation the Wagner modified house questionnaire and the program fee of a hundred dollars payable by check cash or money order also you can and make it payable I'm sorry to cut out a Christian Fellowship if paying with cash please do not send by mail partial packets will not be accepted okay you can submit your number five you can submit your application as early as possible to allow time for scheduling of your interview applications will not be accepted after july third now i will make some exceptions if people call me and let me know ahead of time if they have any issues also if you have questions about the program or the process for the application please contact me here in at the administrative office 30 33 687 108 and you just ask for chuck wood or you can email me at cwood at CCF word org okay number four I said I would do a quick tour to kind of show you how to get to the application so I'm going to do that quickly here so we're going to go ahead and close this and then we'll come back to it and I'm just going to close this down and I'm at the website and again you go to GC and USA org and if you select the ordination program you can select it here or you can select the link here and it will take you directly to the page that you need to get to in order to download the application paperwork so I'm going to go ahead and click here and it's going to take...